House Rules

The Artist's Place details: bedlight

Checking in

At the check in, please:

  • supply the ID of each guest;
  • pay the whole amount of the booking period if this has not been done before;
  • pay the tourist tax, 2 Euro per day for each person for the first 4 days of stay;
  • pay a deposit according to the contract’s rules.

Checking out

Check out by 11 AM – The apartment manager or a delegate will come to get back the keys.

You can also ask the apartment manager if you can leave the keys in the mail box.

The apartment keys are precious – if you loose them or forget to return we will deduct 50 Euro from your deposit.

Before you leave:

  • close the windows;
  • turn off the air conditioning.


Smoking is NOT permitted in the apartment, however you can smoke on the terrace.

Cleaning procedures

Rubbish can be throw into the dust bin, please check the house manual to see how to handle the rubbish.

Although the final cleaning of the flat will be done by the owner, would you be so kind in keeping it in a decorous way.

Gatherings or Parties

Parties and events are not allowed.

Quiet hours

Please do not disturb neighbors with noises during the night time.


Pets are allowed and are free of charge.

If you are visiting with pets please make sure to clean their leftovers immediately – also let us know if you’re bringing pets when placing your reservation.

That’s all folks!

Have fun at the Artist Place and please do not forget to leave a review!