Eddi and Rino, 1957
Eddi in 1957 with Raniero, her future husband

A little bit about our family

For over 20 years the studio served as the creative space for Eddi Osti, who would imagine and then conceive unique patterns and designs that later would be used and sold worldwide by many famous fashion brands, to name a few: Valentino, Gucci, Versace – in forms of ties, scarfs, clothes, etc.

Between the sixties to the early eighties Como used to be the main center of creation of designs that were printed on the best quality textiles manufactures, distributed world wide and available in the best retailers shops.

Actually, some of those designs are hanging on the walls of the studio for you to enjoy.
After retiring from her designing career, the studio became her living space where she spent the rest of her life.

She left this planet in 2015, so we decided to do some renovations here and there, always wanting to honour her creative fashionista spirit by keeping some of her precious antique furniture to let the guests experience the atmosphere she lived.

Curiosity: Eddi used to sign her artwork as “Heddy”.