Where to park

You can park in a silos where your can is safe and in the shadows

Best silos to park when staying at the Artist's Place

Best silos to park when staying at the Artist’s Place

  • Autosilo Valduce : Viale Lecco, 9 – website – phone +39031262839
  • Parcheggio Centro Lago : Via Sant’Elia, 6 – website – phone: +39031278813
  • Autosilo Tribunale : Via Adriano Auguadri – website – phone +39031273253

You can also find a toll parking place on the street, please see the streets marked in blue on the following map:

The blue lines show streets where you can find a parking you have to pay for – these are marked with blue lines on the pavement, usually parking is free also in these slots from 20:00 to 08:00; the black lines show streets where you might find a free parking slot – these are marked with white lines on the pavement.

Use these links to open Google Maps on your phone and easily reach the free-parking streets with your car:

Also we just discovered this useful map where you can see all the “white parkings” (free of charge delimited by white lines) available in Como – click here to see the map, note that the “white parkings” are actually shown in red on the map 😉