Where to eat and have a drink

Here is a list of restaurants and bars in Como that we like to enjoy when we have some free time: we hope you will enjoy them too!

The best cocktails in town!
Via Dante Alighieri, 67
Phone +39 031 207 3860
Minimalismo Web page

L’angolo del silenzio
A truly Italian osteria
Viale Lecco, 25
Phone +39 031 337 2157
L’angolo del silenzio web page

Organic flour, wood oven, italian/marocchin fusion pizza: we love it!
Via Carloni 2 f/g
Phone +39 031 301 919
Cardamomo Pizzeria web page

Sakura Sushi
Real Japanese food prepared by a Japanese chef!
Viale Innocenzo XI, 30
Phone +39 031 240 221
Sakura Sushi web page

Cadamomo Persian Palace
Persian food and tea.
We recently discovered it and, while a bit on the pricey side, you can have a good dinner just with the appetizers (there is a mix plate that let’s you taste their quality at about 20 Euros). You should also try their teas, we love the one saffron!
Via Vitani, 35
Phone +39 489 3517
Cardamomo Persian Palace web page

Cooking at home?

If you want to prepare your own meals, you can find everything you need at the closest Carrefour Express, located in the basement of a building right after the Duomo (main church):
Carrefour Express
Via Pietro Boldoni 3, 22100 Como CO
Phone +39 031 275 9222
Carrefour Express web page

Another Carrefour downtown:
Carrefour Express
Via Diaz, 99, 22100 Como CO
Phone +39 031 241330
Carrefour Express web page

And a 24/7 open Carrefour Market, 15 minutes walking from the apartment:
Carrefour Market
Via Fratelli Recchi, 18, 22100 Como CO
Phone +39 031 570895
24/7 Carrefour Market web page

And if you are Vegetarian you can find a great variety of food at NaturaSi
Via Gerolamo Borsieri 21, 22100 Como CO
Phone +39 031 241740
NaturaSi web site