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iPhone with Italian SIM is available for a nominal fee

Some customers that stayed at An Artist’s Place last summer asked for it and now you can rent an iPhone with an Italian SIM while staying at our apartment.

You will have unlimited data connection allowing you to make phone calls through WhatsApp and use Google Maps and a browser to better organize your days in Como.

While European visitors usually have roaming available when visiting Italy, the possibility to use a local SIM is quite useful for our customers traveling from outside the European Community.

We work to make you feel at home!

New Internet connection

After having faced some issues with the previous Internet provider we are now moving to a better one –  before the end of 2018 the Internet connection at the Artist’s Place will reach a speed of 20Mbit/s (that is a great upgrade from the actual 7Mbit/s).

As before data available will be unlimited.

This is another way to show you how much we care to offer our guests the best experience when visiting Como.

An iPad is now available to all our guests

Our guests can now use an iPad during they stay; we installed some games and Amazon Prime Video configured on our account.

So you can enjoy some TV series and movies (usually available in different languages and with subtitles) and let your children play some games while waiting for you to be ready to go and visit the area.

We work to make you feel at home!